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When your child is diagnosed with a disability, your world shifts. When they turn 22, it shifts again.

Our story started with a question, “What is Drew going to do when he ages out of school?”

It’s a good question. It’s a question that so many other parents asked me over and over again as they started thinking about their own child’s future. The answer for a long time was, “I don’t know, but God does; He just hasn’t told me yet.”

One day, He did. mapLe22 was born out of my prayer for Drew to continue to be surrounded by people that love him and for his life to have meaning and purpose, even if that looked differently than most. It was also an opportunity to trust God to provide in a way that was bigger and better than I could imagine!He has led me every step of the way.

Providing a smaller yet vibrant setting, creating a program that isn’t school or work but continues to build on the skills we focused on so hard for 22 years, and connecting with our community in a way that honors the gifts and talents of everyone involved, will continue to guide us as we grow and develop. And of course, we’ll have fun! And because He created us and loves us so much, we will give God all the glory!

We all deserve to live a meaningful and purposeful Life everyday!

Karen Howington

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide a high-quality day program where young adults with special needs feel engaged, valued, loved, and connected with their community. We strive to help everyone we serve know they are uniquely created by God and together discover and grow their gifts & talents and experience a ​m​eaningful ​a​nd ​purposeful ​Life ​e​veryday.

Our Vision

. to meet the challenges of those with higher needs in a 1:5 ratio
.to connect our participants to their community
.to provide an active, daily plan that includes life skills, volunteer opportunities, exercise, building communication, art, music, social activities, and outings
.to provide a personal plan for each participant & clearly communicate their unique goals and needs to those working with them
.to work closely with our community partners to provide opportunities for meaningful work both in-house and in the community
.to partner with local businesses and other nonprofits to combine efforts and serve others within our community
.to collaborate with volunteers and professionals in the community in the areas of art, dance, fitness, gardening (and many others) in exploration of our participants’ interests
. to offer regular opportunities for personal and spiritual growth for everyone involved
.to create an environment fostering fun & friendships and exploring new opportunities together
.to support the families we serve with information, encouragement, and prayer

What we believe

There is hope beyond age 22.

Our participants are valuable and deserve a safe, high-quality place to continue to grow, learn and connect.

The families we serve deserve open communication, support, and peace of mind.

We all have God-given talents & gifts that are to be used to build up others.

Everybody benefits when community includes everybody.

In all that we do, we aim to glorify God, seek His will, and trust Him completely.

Every individual was uniquely created by God and is loved by Him.

You are welcome here.

A vibrant, meaningful life full of friends is within reach

The mapLe22 day program is waiting for you and your special individual to join our community.

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A day program that celebrates young adults aging out of school for who they are, and supports them in living a meaningful and purposeful Life everyday.